Sophia Loren – secrets and councils of beauty and youth

The well-known actress Sophia Loren to the most respectable age in the absence of plastic intervention continues to admire with the appearance both women, and men. If want to follow such fine example - it is necessary to listen to its simple councils how to remainRead More

The most popular drawings for a tattoo

Art of an ornament of a body (now call a body art), in particular a tattoo, has arisen during immemorial times. This ornament testified to social accessory of the owner and possessed supernatural force. Give together with our female the Internet the magazineRead More

The Shugaring – does not leave you indifferent!

From time immemorial women torture themselves houses in thousands in modern ways which dictates us mass media. But more often it is simple the advertising which is not giving due result. Main thing in this case relative painlessness, effect. In salons to you willRead More

Wax depilation: why it is popular?

Ancient women of the East got rid of undesirable hair on a body by means of wax. Even the technology a little than has changed since then – hot wax put on skin, and after its hardening delete together with hair by means of special napkins. Wax depilation is popularRead More

Natural ways of removal of hair

More and more people follow a natural way of life, use of artificial methods and chemical products for the beauty avoid. Those who adheres to naturalness, should know that procedure on the care of a body not an exception. After all SPA beauty, without leaving theRead More

Sun-protection means, avoid influence UF-luchey

Sun-protection means, avoid influence UF-luchey Gather for a beach? Take an umbrella, a towel, a fashionable bag and the sandals, but do not forget remedy for the sun even if you desperately want that skin has become covered by gold light. Researches show thatRead More

How to clean extensions? All truth about extensions

As a rule, skin is happy elastic, but the sharp increase in weight (for example, during puberty or pregnancy) can cause emergence on skin of thin lines which extensions are called. Over a question how to clean extensions, at least once reflects each their ownerRead More