House wrapping for appearance and health

We learn to do a house wrapping Earlier the house wrapping was used only for growing thin to clean fatty deposits from area of a stomach and hips. In itself cosmetic procedure of a wrapping is a wonderful ceremony. A body cover withRead More

Dos Sharkos medical procedure

Sharkos shower is called in honour of the known doctor - the neuropathologist and psychotherapist Jean Sharko who has thought up shower procedure of improvement. Sharkos shower - water medical procedure The effect depends on quantity and pressure of streamsRead More

Care of heels it is simpler, than it seems

For some problem dry or coarsened heels arises seldom, and for someone is the most real crash. No wonder, after all cracks, even the smallest, hurt. Dry skin simply drives up the wall. And, eventually, how to put on fashionable sandals or shoes with open heelsRead More

Wrapping: types and properties of procedure

Wrapping: types and properties of procedure That we, women, only do not use in fight for an ideal figure. We are ready to drink everything, to be covered with everything, to pass any procedures and even to lay down under a knife. But today we can manage and withoutRead More

Skin rejuvenation here and now!

Process of ageing of skin is process irreversible, to avoid which for the present it was possible to nobody. For each person time when there are wrinkles comes, skin loses the elasticity. And, face skin and hands grows old much more promptly, rather than skin onRead More

Peeling small fishes – an effective relaxation

There is a lot of types of a peeling, most trend of them – a peeling small fishes. It is new, fashionably and interesting. But how small fishes perform the work? About it also will tell our female Internet magazine «Beauty Country». Peeling small fishes – whatRead More

Lymphatic drainage

Lymph (from an armour. lympha — moisture) is a type of the connecting fabric, representing colourless liquid. Function of a lymph is removal from an organism of toxins and slags. Happens that this liquid stands because of decrease in a tone of lymph nodes, thenRead More